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In July 2006 I sold my house (in Eskilstuna) and bought a caravan (a Cabby 440 DL from 1987 if you must know :-). At the end of August I drove down to Gothenburg to catch the ferry to Newcastle and then further north into Scotland.

This trip has been split into three parts: September, parts 1 and 2, and October.

In this third part, I left for home, i.e. headed down to Newcastle to catch ferry to Gothenburg (a route no longer available).

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Fife (continued)

My stay in Fife lasted for about 2 weeks, partly as I enjoyed taking it easy after having lugged my caravan around Scotland for more than 4 weeks, and having to repair my car (something to do with steering/suspension that always wears/breaks on my make and model of car). Below are the short trips I took during this period.

Monday (2/10) was used to tour the south coast of Fife. The tour started in Lower Largo where Arthur Selkirk, whom the Robinson Crusoe character is based on, lived. Moving on to Leven I booked my ticket home and had lunch. Next was East Wemyss with it's caves, with carvings from as far back as the Picts, and MacDuff's castle above the caves. (There is a story about a secret path from the castle down to the Well Cave, something Mr. Robinson [not Crusoe :-)] and Time Team tried to prove.) West Wemyss and it's newly renovated house was visited next as was Coaltown of Wemyss with it's rows of houses. Pan Ha of Dysart and the St. Serf's tower (of old church) came next. Unfortunately a constant drissle started and the rest of the trip was a bit wet and dark. But a quick visit to Ravenscraig's castle, Kirkcaldy, and a walk through North Queensferry, below the Forth Railway Bridge, was taken.

On wednesday (4/10) I got a pretty good photo of the sky and sea as I was leaving the camp site. Thursday (5/10) was used to tour the southeast of Fife, i.e. the East Neuk of Fife. I started of at Upper Largo church to try to find a crazy man's canal, that he used to sail between his house and the church. Unfortunately it's completly gone but I got to see the headstone of Mr. Selkirk's parents and nice houses nearby. Next I took a walk down High Street of Earlsferry, taking photos of many nice houses, and the centre of Elie, yet again taking photos of nice houses. Lunch was had at the award winning fish and chip shop in Anstruther's harbour (it was one of the best F&C I have had this trip, but it was all served on paper plate and in styrofoam [spelling?] mugs, which doesn't match the price of the meal). It had started to rain and I was running out of time...

Friday (6/10) was to be used for a trip to Pitlochry via Newtyle, Alyth, and Kirkmichael. On the way I stopped at Highham Toll to look at an 'old' road sign (which turned out to be modern with an old design). Hearing strange sounds from my car (as I usually do, but only to turn out to be my imagination) I tried to replicate them before going on. Time flew and it was time for lunch, which was had at St. Andrews' Harbour. Deciding not to venture to far with a possibly broken car I decided to go 'home'. On the way I got to take a closer look at a real road sign on my way to Crail. Outside Crail I took a another look at my car and found a broken thingamy in the stearing (or whatever). So I drove back to Lundin Links (or is it Lower Largo?) and booked a time for having my car repaired. In the evening I took a walk down the village (to shop and eat) and got some pretty good photos, like a view of fields and sea, Largo Law and a dovecot, and the moon reflecting in the sea at Lower Largo. The last photo was taken while I was playing with the Nightshot setting of my camera. (Please note that I have only owned this camera for a few weeks. :-)

Feeling a cold coming on (which was not to be :-), I spent saturday (7/10) taking it easy. Got to update this travel description (mostly adding pictures) and some reading done. Took a walk in the windy weather to do some shopping. And on the sunday (8/10) I went for a walk in the afternoon. After yet another tour of Lower Largo I walked to Leven. During the walk I was 'beachcombing' and found my first piece of sea coal. (That is coal brought to the beach by the sea. In Fife most coal seams extend under the sea, as does a lot of other mines in Wales.) On the monday (9/10) my car was to be repaired, but no part to repair with. But I got a quick walk of Cupar and a photo of an old Toll House. (Turnpike roads where built in Fife to make it easier to travel and the travellers had to pay tolls to use them. Road signs documented above are the ones that marked the distances along the roads.)

Wednesday (11/10), and a new day to try to get my car fixed... and it was to be! :-) Headed for Leven to have coffee (and make time pass). Walked the beach, but then got bored (even though I got some great 'artistic' photos). So I decided to go to Anstruther for lunch. Returned to Lundin Links and got my repaired car.

Fife to England [TODO: Add pictures]

Before leaving from Newcastle on the 16/10 I had an idea of visiting the Trossachs, Stirling, Edinburgh, and staying in (or outside) Dunbar to visit places like Dirleton castle (as I've been to Tantallon castle), St. Abbs, Eyemouth, Holy Island, Kelso, Bamburgh, and Alnwick. But having my car break changed my plans. On the thursday (12/10) I headed for England (yikes!). I ended up at a camp site south of Embleton (northeast of Alnwick). First thing (after having 'rigged' my caravan) I headed for the beach and got to see Dunstanburgh Castle and Bamburgh Castle at a distance. Heading north I visited High Newton-by-the-Sea, Beadnell, and Seahouses. In Seahouses I got a nice view of the Farne Islands. And just south of Bamburgh are some nice dunes...

It's friday the 13th! Time for Holy Island... Holy Island is reached by a causeway that is covered by the tide twice a day (the green stuff is seaweed). On the island there is an old abbey, a castle, and the very special sheds made out of old boats. Headed south in the afternoon to check for a new camp site, and in so doing I made a quick visit to Alnwick, Warkworth, Amble (with a nice time piece), and Alnmouth.

On saturday (14/10) I moved to Ashington. While there I took a tour of North Shields (to scout for monday's departure), Tynemouth (for a quick lunch and external view of the abbey in the mist), and up the coast. Among other things I saw Seaton Sluice. I must say I feel cheated about what I have been shown of Morpeth on previous trips... or rather not. On this visit I found out that there is more than the street where 'the book shop' is (and also that our 'usual' parking lot now has a block of flats in it).

Sunday (15/10) was used to make a closer tour of Alnwick, with it's old gate house (that contributes to long queues during rush hour) and Warkworth. In Warkworth there's a castle at the top of the hill and a church at the bottom (which seems to be common in England), and it has a nice bridge and gate by the river (where I also found a small Swedish flag flying outside a house).

Monday (16/10) and departure for Sweden. :-( Probably the last time I get to take a photo of the fishes at North Shields (as the ferry to Gothenburg has been sold).
(OK, so my tourist fatigue syndrome made me book my trip home... and England doesn't excite me as Scotland does. And to be fair, the cost of living in another country while paying an expensive exchange rate doesn't help either... and needing to look at my 'snail mail'.) One good thing was that the crossing was calm. Didn't need those two Irish Coffees, buy they tasted good. ... and might keep a cold away :-).


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