While travelling I usually bring my digital camera and every now and then I manage to take some good photos. :-)

I started off with a Olympus C100 (1 Megapixel) in 2001 and exchanged it for a Canon PowerShot A530 (5 Megapixel) in late August 2006. In April 2010 I bought my first DSLR, a Nikon D3000 (10 Megapixel with a 18-55 lens), and in December 2016 I bought a Canon 100D (18 Megapixel with a 18-55 lens).

Most photos where taken with all settings set to auto (I'm as crappy photographer as I'm speller :-), except the flash which I avoid using. Most are also unedited.

Below are descriptions of my travels with links to a selection of the photos I took during them. The descriptions are diaries of my travels and are written for the 'people at home' and for me to have a description of my photos.

Heading to Brussels to present some work, I kept on goint to Scotland via Holland, and then back via Holland, Germany, Denmark, and BĂ„stad.

A trip up West coast, down through middle and then South along East coast.

This trip started by meeting up with my parents and brother at aunt and uncle's place before heading North and then West in Scotland, before heading home via Yorkshire.

For the third time I'm off to Urkult (2-5/8), the music festival in the small village of Näsåker next to Ångermanälven (Ångerman river). I left Eskilstuna on the 27/7 and arrived in Näsåker on the 31/7, i.e. stopping on the way north (and most likely on the way south as well, while heading for Gothenburg?).

(... or 'The Scottish Castle Tour', as some people pointed out to me. :-) Not having found a new job (I like), I decided to go to Scotland again (with my 'new' caravan). I arrived in Harwich (England) on the 20/4 and left on the 21/6. This time I have planned to see even more of the west of Scotland and more of the Highlands. (I took approximately 2900 photos, showing a selection of about 230 here.)

Having sold my house and bought a caravan (which I did before going to Urkult 2006), I went to Scotland for 'a while'. I arrived in Newcastle (England) on the 31/8 and the trip ended on the 16/10 when I left Newcastle. This time I had planned to see the west and north coast of Scotland (having spent most of my summers, while growing up, on the east coast and south of the Highlands). I ended up having a look at the east coast as well. (I took approximately 2150 phots, showing a selection 0f about 150 here.)

Once again I went back to Urkult (the 12th), but this year I volunteered as a driver. I got to meet artists close up. On my way back to Eskilstuna I stopped off at Östersund, Ljusdal, and Mora, i.e. this was a short road trip...

For the last 11 years a music festival has been arranged in the small village of Näsåker next to Ångermanälven (Ångerman river). The music is, what I would call, world music or modern folk music.

In July 2004 I drove north from Eskilstuna (where I lived at the time) through Sweden into Norway (via Riksgränsen) and out onto Lofoten. Heading south I left Norway at Mo i Rana and headed for Strömstad (to visit friends there) and went via Oslo back to Eskilstuna. (I took approximately 860 photos, showing a selection here.)