While travelling I usually bring my digital camera and every now and then I manage to take some good photos. :-)

I started off with a Olympus C100 (1 Megapixel) in 2001 and exchanged it for a Canon PowerShot A530 (5 Megapixel) in late August 2006. In April 2010 I bought my first DSLR, a Nikon D3000 (10 Megapixel with a 18-55 lens), and in December 2016 I bought a Canon 100D (18 Megapixel with a 18-55 lens).

Most photos where taken with all settings set to auto (I'm as crappy photographer as I'm speller :-), except the flash which I avoid using. Most are also unedited.

Below are descriptions of my travels with links to a selection of the photos I took during them. The descriptions are diaries of my travels and are written for the 'people at home' and for me to have a description of my photos.

Urkult 2007 (27/7 - ??/8)

For the third time I'm off to Urkult (2-5/8), the music festival in the small village of Näsåker next to Ångermanälven (Ångerman river). I left Eskilstuna on the 27/7 and arrived in Näsåker on the 31/7, i.e. stopping on the way north (and most likely on the way south as well, while heading for Gothenburg?). Read

Scotland 2007 (20/4 - 21/6)

(... or 'The Scottish Castle Tour', as some people pointed out to me. :-) Not having found a new job (I like), I decided to go to Scotland again (with my 'new' caravan). I arrived in Harwich (England) on the 20/4 and left on the 21/6. This time I have planned to see even more of the west of Scotland and more of the Highlands. (I took approximately 2900 photos, showing a selection of about 230 here.) Read

Scotland 2006 (31/8 - 16/10)

Having sold my house and bought a caravan (which I did before going to Urkult 2006), I went to Scotland for 'a while'. I arrived in Newcastle (England) on the 31/8 and the trip ended on the 16/10 when I left Newcastle. This time I had planned to see the west and north coast of Scotland (having spent most of my summers, while growing up, on the east coast and south of the Highlands). I ended up having a look at the east coast as well. (I took approximately 2150 phots, showing a selection 0f about 150 here.) Read

Urkult 2006 and Road Trip 2006 (31/7 - 10/8)

Once again I went back to Urkult (the 12th), but this year I volunteered as a driver. I got to meet artists close up. On my way back to Eskilstuna I stopped off at Östersund, Ljusdal, and Mora, i.e. this was a short road trip... Read

Urkult 2005 (4/8 - 7/8)

For the last 11 years a music festival has been arranged in the small village of Näsåker next to Ångermanälven (Ångerman river). The music is, what I would call, world music or modern folk music. Read

Road Trip 2004 (3/7 - 18/7)

In July 2004 I drove north from Eskilstuna (where I lived at the time) through Sweden into Norway (via Riksgränsen) and out onto Lofoten. Heading south I left Norway at Mo i Rana and headed for Strömstad (to visit friends there) and went via Oslo back to Eskilstuna. (I took approximately 860 photos, showing a selection here.) Read