Urkult 2006


For the last 12 years a festival called Urkult has been held in a small village called Näsåker in the north of Sweden. The village, and the festival ground, is situated along Ångermanälven (the Ångerman River). This was my second visit to the festival, but this year I volonteered as a driver. I got to drive artists/bands like Wakilo (Denmark), Padik (Sweden/Norway), Swåp (Sweden/Britain), and Baba Blues (Sweden).

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I arrived on Tuesday evening (1/8) and put up my caravan. My friend Wabbit helped me (as last year :-)..

On the Wednesday I met with the organisers, but otherwise had the day off. (Which meant I got to get a bit more comfortable living in my caravan.)

On the Thursday I went to Sundsvall to pick up parts of the band Wakilo (arriving from Denmark). They made me listen to jazz, music I usually hate, but actually could bare. :-) In the evening I didn't fall asleep (as last year) so I got to see Eldnatta (fire night).

On the Friday I went back to Sundsvall to pick up Swåp (who are from Sweden and Britain) and Padik (from Sweden and Norway). In the evening I picked Padik up at their guest house only to met an old school friend from Båstad (him being married to the daughter of the owner of the guest house). I also got to see Sirqus Alfon in action, a great and funny group of musical clowns, while Padik and Swåp where preparing in Danslogen (the dance barn). At Urkult they usually have some courses as well, one being on drumming.

And yet again, on the Saturday, I went to Sundsvall to pick up parts of Baba Blues (from Sweden) while dropping of Salomon Helperin (Sweden). On the way back we visited a buddhist temple on Indalsälven (Indal river). The temple was built (funded) by Thai people to commemorate a kings visit, and liking, of the place. (Here I ran out of battery, and living in the parking place of a football ground, I had no easy way of recharching them.)

On the Sunday I got to drive yet another member of Wakilo to Umeå airport. On the way back I stopped of at an old furnace south of Umeå.

Road Trip 2006 - the road back

Not owning a house or not having a job to return to (after a vacation) I took some time returning to Eskilstuna (where I had just sold my house). I visited Östersund, Ljusdal, and Mora. (I also spent a week in Västerås. Staying at camp sites I also had access to electricity and could recharge my batteries for my camera.)


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