Urkult 2007


Time for the 13th Urkult, a music festival held in a small village called Näsåker in the north of Sweden. The village, and the festival ground, is situated along Ångermanälven (the Ångerman River). As last year, I volonteered as a driver. Here are some photos from the weekend of the 13th Urkult and my travel there and "back" (not heading straight back to Eskilstuna?).

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The trip north

I left Eskilstuna on the 27/7 and headed for Hudiksvall, where I found my first full Swedish camp site. So I continued to Harmånger on the E4 road, where I stayed for two nights. I did a quick tour of Harmånger (while waiting for my pizza, which seemed time enough :-) and to the coast. Nothing much to report except a nice church with separate steeple, some industrial history, and nice views out over the Baltic Sea (or is it Gulf of Bothnia? ...or both?). Moved on to Ramvik (south of the High Coast, i.e. close to the mouth of Ångermanälven) for another two nights. Gave Kramfors another try... and I got a nice 'pizza roll', but otherwise not considering another visit. Saw, and crossed, both Sandöbron (the 'old' bridge) and High Coast Bridge (the 'new' bridge). Got some company from Peter and friend, whom I had supper with overlooking the lake.


I arrived on Tuesday afternoon (31/7) and set up my caravan on a car park (with permission), yet again with the help of Wabbit. :-) Headed for Härnösand on Wednesday (1/8) to collect Terra Nova, a danish theatrical group.

Went to Sundsvall on the Thursday (2/8), in company of Alexander that was leaving, where I almost 'dropped in on Leif'. :-) Picked up Suranjana from Mynta and Bonus the drum teacher (and friend), who gave me a private consert. On arrival at Näsåker it was a bit wet, and I saw my first 'double rainbow'. Thursday is also 'fire night' (eldnatta, difficult to photograph with my cheap camera, but nice effect... or not :-).

Friday (3/8) and only did some local driving, i.e. could enjoy all the music I wanted. The evening was a bit wet, but I still got 'a shot' of my favorite view. :-)

Got to get up early on Saturday (4/8) for a 7 a.m. drive to Sundsvall to leave Suranjana (from Mynta), and Sofia Karlsson and band. Arrived back early and could enjoy all the music I wanted again.

Headed back to Härnösand on the Sunday (5/8) to leave half of Terra Nova and most of Fata Morgana. Had a nice supper back in Näsåker and got, for the staff, private show from Big Ass BBQ, a very entertaining show where one can't help laughing. :-)

The trip south

Left for Östersund on the Monday (6/8). Made a quick tour of Frösön on the Tuesday (7/8) and saw the church (which I thought would have a tower used for defense, but alas not...). 'Chilled' on the Wednesday and headed to Brunflo on the Thursday (9/8) to see 'the tower' (that I thought I would see on Frösön). (WordFinder want's the Swedish word for the tower, kastell, translated to 'citadel'... hmmm... I'll have to look into that!)

On the Friday (10/8) I drove to Ljusdal. Had a wee peek at the town with it's many lovely houses. Took a trip to Färila for a wee strol, shopping, and supper on the Sunday (11/8).

Monday (13/8) and I moved to Falun. I was aiming for Ludvika but I felt I had used up my drive time quota for the day. :-)

Wednesday (15/8) and I finally made it to Ludvika. :-) Spent Friday (16/8) afternoon looking at Smedjebacken - the end of Strömsholm's canal (where the railway was used for the last leg to Ludvika and the next lake system).

Saturday (18/8) and I felt the need to move again - this time to Kristinehamn.

Monday (20/8) and time to move again?????


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