About me (Kilted Viking)

About me

My name is Björn (bear in Swedish), or "Bj" for short, and I presently live in Sweden. The name 'Kilted Viking' was coined by a cousin and refers to my Swedish-Scottish ancestory and me owning a kilt (Grant tartan). I was born and raised in Båstad (southern Sweden), spending most of my summers visiting relatives in Scotland (mainly Pitlochry and Cupar).

In 1995 I moved to Eskilstuna (an hour west of Stockholm, or the other - west - end of lake Mälaren) for studies and later work (until mid 2006). I have also lived in Halmstad and Växjö for studied as well, the former also for work.

After a year off work, living in a caravan and travelling, and a year in Västerås (late 2007 to 2008), I moved to Stockholm in late 2008 - first to Bromma, then Huddinge, and lastly Saltsjöbaden (Nacka). I moved here to work for Ecolabelling Sweden.

Cairn south of Cree

Work experience

I have spent about 11 years working as a system administrator, lecturer, and what ever needed to be done at (former) School of Business, Mälardalen University. Before that I sold, and supported, multimedia products (when CD-ROMs where new). During summer breaks (in studies and work) and during military service I worked at a camp site for four seasons.

Since 2008 I work as a system administrator and developer at Ecolabelling Sweden (and Nordic Ecolabelling, which Ecolabelling Sweden is a part of).

Work related interests are computer related problem solving and web based development. I love learning new things, something one needs to do when working with computers. For awhile I enjoyed studying Sun's J2EE and how well it is designed, but I have now 'turned back' to Microsoft's web technologies.

Loch Doon

Private interests

Private interests are archeology, history, trains, and computers. Lately, since I bought a good digital camera, I have enjoyed some amateur photography - mainly nature and architecture.

I love the area around lake Mälaren as it is a great place to learn more about the Vikings and the Middle ages. Eskilstuna is an industrial town (i.e. a lot of history), well known for it's knives and other metal workings. In the autumn especially, the area is a beautiful place to be with all it's colours.

Sunset at Culzean

Contacting me

Barring lack of time, I usually answer e-mails I receive. You can find my address on my start page (Home) - exchange '(at)' with an at-sign (@) and remove '.nospam' at the end.