About Kilted Viking

The name (Kilted Viking)

The name Kilted Viking was coined by a cousin and refers to my Swedish-Scottish ancestory and me owning a kilt. Needing a web server to place my home pages on (as I quit my job where I hosted my site then), I decided to register kiltedviking.net.

Annan beach

The design

Multimedia has never been my thing... so I usually try to make my web sites as simple as possible. This site consists of a bunch of home pages with 5 images (logo and four corners in all home pages, not counting photos from my travels, etc. :-). The home pages are usually edited as text (nowadays in Notepad++, but previously in Crimson Editor), as to not destroy any design features (what design you might ask? :-) and to make sure they work as I want them to. My home pages are then viewed (tested) in Mozilla Firefox (and, if I remember/can be bothered, M$ Internet Explorer). The Web Design Group's web site and reference documents have been a great help to me (for many years). A big thanks goes to them!

How do I come up with my designs then? I usually steal ideas from home pages I visit. :-) Sometimes I manage to make these ideas work in my own pages and sometimes I don't. I have also spent the last 11-12 years as a webmaster (editing, not designing the sites! :-), giving me some experience.

Arran island

The technologies used

I mainly use HTML, (simple) JavaScript, and CSS (i.e. client-side technologies present in most web browsers) in my home pages. Since I bought some space at a web hotel supporting PHP (i.e. server-side technologies), some of the HTML pages have been converted to PHP pages (which, in reality, only means changing the file's extension and slightly changing the code in the page). I also started using FavIcon (as the web hotel supports it - see below).

Culzean castle

Logo and FavIcon

My logo (top left of page) is based on a photo of a sunset (behind my aunt and uncles house, and which I took with my instamatic camera back in 2002, i.e. it's scanned). On my Swedish pages I use a photo of my old house as a logo (which I took with my first digital camera). (People nagged me to change it to a photo of my caravan, where I used to live. And so I have on my travel pages. :-)

A FavIcon, or Favorite Icon, is the small icon in the Address field of your browser and in browser's bookmarks/favorites. My FavIcon is based on my logo (om English pages, i.e. the sunset) and I used HTML-Kit's online service to create mine.

(See <link> tag with attribute containing "favicon.ico" in the code for this page to see how to insert a FavIcon in your own page, should your server not do it for you.)