Scotland '12


At the end of July 2012 I headed down to Esbjerg, Denmark, to catch the ferry to Harwich, UK, to meet up with my parents and brother at my aunt and uncle's, and then continue North into Scotland.

This year's theme turned out to become "trainspotter's vacation", with trip on Jacobite Express, and visit to and trip on North Yorkshire Moors Railway. Took about 2.200 photos.

Outbound trip

Sands outside Esbjerg
Sands outside Esbjerg

Arriving in Esbjerg (27th) to sail to Harwich, UK, Wabbit and I enjoyed the statues, Man Meets the Sea , and sand dunes.

Arrived (28th) in Harwich and started travelling North, but Newcastle was drenched by a flood and travelling was slowed drastically, resulting in a night outside Ashington, but delay at least gave a close up of Angel of the North. Next day (29th), the trip continued and Cupar was reached.

Visit to Pitlochry and Newtyle

Ben-y-Vrackie above Pitlochry
Ben-y-Vrackie above Pitlochry

Dad, brother and I spent the day (30th) in Pitlochry, visiting former neighbours of Granny's and went home via Newtyle, visiting Granny's grave and kirk.

Fife and Angus

Elie Ness Lighthouse
Elie Ness Lighthouse

Elie was visited (4th), enjoying Lady’s Tower and its swimming pool, the village and, harbour and beach. All these places on the Fife Costal Path.

Trip (6th) to Claypott’s Castle, Broughty Ferry and its castle and harbour, and Glamis was taken.

Family dinner was had in Cupar (7th) and seeing off the other Swedes.

Perthshire, Badenoch and Strathspey

Headed back to Pitlochry for a couple of nights (10th & 11th), passing over the moor, visiting Killiekrankie

View from staion at Highland Folk Museum
View from staion at Highland Folk Museum

Continued North to Newtonmore (12th), or Invernahavon, and the most excellent Highland Folk Museum, showing off houses, buildings and artifacts from times passed.

Did a tour of Speyside (13th), visiting "Glenbogle" (Ardverikie), Newtonmore, Kingussie, and Invernahavon.

Continues in part 2.