Urkult 2005


For the last 11 years a festival called Urkult has been held in a small village called Näsåker in the north of Sweden. The village, and the festival ground, is situated along Ångermanälven (the Ångerman River). Having regreted not going last year I just had to go this year. Here are some photos from the weekend of the 11th Urkult.

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I arrived late on Thursday evening and put up my tent (around 10 PM). There was no midsummer sun, but it was still light. My friend "Wabbit" helped me (stuck to the right front pole). Thursdays are Fire Night (eldnatta), which I missed as I fell asleep in the car.

The next day "we" (I and "Wabbit" in my pocket) went and viewed the stone carvings at Nämforsen. The carvings are situated on islands in the river, which run quite wild when let out of the hydro dam.

Next on the agenda was entering the festival grounds of Urkult. No, this door was only for show. :-) The main stage where for more known groups, which "Wabbit" and I walked around.

The Sun Stage (solscenen) was used for less known groups, but not less interesting. Friday was a bit wet...

... but Saturday became a very nice day for me and "Wabbit". Even the Sun Stage was worth it's name. :-)


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