Scotland '07


In the middle of April 2007 I drove down to Esbjerg, Denmark, to catch the ferry to Harwich (as the Gothenburg-Newcastle ferry not longer sails) and then north into Scotland (with my 'new' caravan, a Cabby 532 DLX, also from 1987, if you must know :-).

This trip has been split into five parts: April, May parts 1 and 2, and June parts 1 and 2.

In this first part, I travelled from Eskilstuna to Esbjerg to catch ferry to Harwich, and then headed up to Lake Distict before heading along Scotland's Southwest coast.

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June, part 2


Time (14/6) to cross the border and Skipton seemed far enough. Had a look at the basin on Leeds and Liverpool Canal, the town, and castle gate.
(I didn't know that the kiwis had started a transportation serive before they left. :-) (Please note that it was pouring down and the lorry overtook me, quite fast, on the motorway... So I had to whip out my camera, point, and shoot through the windscreen, and winscreen wipers, quickly.)

Fridag (15/6) and time to have a look at the Yorkshire Dales and I headed for a wet Grassington. The day turned out to be a day of trains with an old level crossing at Cracoe and visit to both stations of Embsay & Bolton Abbey Steam Railway. The afternoon turned out less wet and I took a walk along Leeds and Liverpool Canal, that runs behind the camp site at Gargrave.

Saturday (16/6) and time for some more industrial history. Started of at Earby's Lead Mining Museum (where I met a very nice couple) which is very interesting. Next I headed for Bancroft Mill Engine in Barnoldswick, which runs about every third Sunday during the summer. Made a quick visit to the marina before leaving and did a slight detour to Burnley on the way back (which was a misstake) before heading for Silsden.

Sunday (17/6) and I headed further east and south, spending most of the afternoon on dual carriageways and motorways. I ended up in Great Gransden, west of Cambridge, in a soggy field (no wonder having had a lot of rain in a short time). Had a quick look at St. Neots, which might have it's points, and Abbotsley, a quaint village with a lot of thatched roofs (which seems very common in this area).

Monday (18/6) and time to see some of the area around Cambridge. Started of at Bourn Mill, the oldest windmill in England (?). Then headed north towards St. Ives (where the rain started pouring down), where I found a sign to Graveley and Graveley Way. :-) A quick look at some of the drainage ditches, which can be long and straight. Now I can say that I have been to America! Let it be that it's just outside Sutton, but I've been there. :-) Rain stopped when I arrived in Ely, where the cathedral dominates the skyline. Next was another tour down memory lane with a visit to Cambridge, where I found a Wildflower Garden (so my garden wasn't messy, it preserved flowers!). Reencountered the punts and the collages, and I most likely looked like an idiot showing more interested in the clouds and architecture than the parying students. Obviously studying at an old university doesn't make you more intelligent. :-) Supper was had watching the sunset while enjoying a local ale.

Tuesday (19/6) and a last move, before the drive to the ferry, and I ended up in Dovercourt, a stone's throw from Harwich and the docks. The night sky was lit by astounding lightnings.

Wednesday (20/6) and time for a 'wee ride' down the coast to Clacton-on-Sea to see yet more seaside resorts. Started at Walton-on-the-Naze and it's beach huts. In Frinton-on-Sea I found another old railway crossing, worked by hand. In great tradition I found some blokes flying kites outside Holland-on-Sea. The coast turned out less commercial than Skegness baring the piers, like the one at Clacton.

Thursday (21/6) and time to take the ferry to Denmark. With 'nothing' really to do on the ferry, I tried to capture some nice views, like the three lighthouse boats.

Friday (22/6 - Midsummer's Eve, at least in Sweden) and I arrived in a nice sunny Denmark, greated by a more agreeable "Humanity and the Sea" this time.

End of travel


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