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2010-05-08: Me: Heading for Norway

I'm heading back to Norway and Oslo to meet my Norwegian colleagues.

2010-04-07: Me: Moved into my new flat in Saltsjöbaden

Have now moved out into the country and closer to the coast. :-) Now living among the rich! :-)

2010-03-26: Me: Taking over my new flat!

I have bought a new flat in Saltsjöbaden. Hopefully moving in on 7th April.

2009-11-09: Me: Finally! Found a decent fish & chips!

After 14 months in Stockholm I finally found a place that serves fish and chips! Even the tartar sauce is good! :-) Beefeater's Inn, or something like that, is it's name.

2009-10-02: Me: Bloody Obama!

All trains were late when heading home (to my parents), as all trains across Öresund were stopped when Mr. Obama landed in Copenhagen. Ah, well... he didn't get the Olympic Games! :-)

2009-10-01: Me: Heading for Copenhagen

Finally time to educate the last office (not counting Iceland). :-)