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2007-09-16: Me: Now a Västeråsian

Moved to Västerås today as most of my work will be here (if I actually get the papers signed). ... and if so, I'll be back at the University.

2007-09-02: Me: 'New' job?

Will tomorrow be the day I start working again? If so, I'll be staying in Eskilstuna, or even Västerås, for the next 4 months.

2007-08-21: Me: Arrived in Eskilstuna

Car needs service... :-( And it's not easy getting a time after holidays... :-( Ah well... Time to try the new camp site in Eskilstuna.

2007-08-18: Me: Arrived in Kristinehamn

Nice day with a breeze.

2007-08-15: Me: Arrived in Ludvika


2007-08-13: Me: Arrived in Falun

Nothing to say about that...:-)