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2007-08-10: Me: Arrived in Ljusdal

Had a nice time in Ljusdal last year... but that was when I arrived on a thursday, which is when they have barbecue evenings during the summer. A bit duller this year...

2007-08-06: Me: Arrived in Östersund

How nice with running water, electricity, access to toilets, and showers 24 hours a day! :-)

2007-07-31: Me: Arrived in Näsåker

Time for my third Urkult festival in Näsåker. Park my caravan on a car parking (by permission :-).

2007-07-30: Me: Got some company at Ramvik :-)

Peter and friend arrived at the camp site... just below my caravan to be exact. :-)

2007-07-29: Me: Arrived in Ramvik (south of High Coast)

A small step on the way to Näsåker and Urkult.

2007-07-27: Me: Arrived in Harmånger

Not a place I would have chosen to stay at, but camp site at Hudiksvall was full (a festival going on in town).