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2009-06-02: Me: Moved into my flat

Finally! After almost 3 months of waiting I could move into my flat.

2009-03-06: Me: Signed papers for a flat in Huddinge

Signed papers for a (damned expensive) flat in Huddinge south of Stockholm. It's a 3 minute walk to the station (can, or will :-), see it from my flat), 12 minute commute to Stockholm Södra, and then less than 10 minute walk to the office. Will move in on the 2nd of June.

2009-02-07: Me: Heading for Helsinki

And this time it's time to educate my colleagues in Helsinki. (And yes, I'm teaching them about our IT systems. :-) Leaving Stockholm on the night ferry, spending yet another night at a hotel, and then night ferry back to Stockholm.

2009-01-25: Me: Heading for Oslo

Time to educate my colleagues in Norway. It's a two night stay.

2008-12-18: Me: Signed employment papers

So... I signed employment papers, i.e. I'll be sticking around in Stockholm for a while. Time to start hunting for a flat (as there is now really convenient camp site to stay at; the camp site I'm living at at the moment is a bit shabby and to far away from the office, for my liking).

2008-11-16: Me: First snow

First snow is falling here in Stockholm and it's just above freezing. So I don't think it will stay for long. Lucky for me I put on my winter tires on the car (that I hardly use anymore) the day before yesterday! :-)