All news (so far)

2007-06-27: Me: Arrived in Eskilstuna

Back again in Eskilstuna for a month before heading for the Urkult festival in north of Sweden.

2007-06-22: Me: Arrived in Båstad (Sweden :-)

Back in Sweden after a calm crossing to Denmark and a long, long drive through Denmark and Skåne (Southern Sweden).

2007-06-21: Me: Left England with ferry

It was time to leave Britain...:-(

2007-06-13: Me: Left Fife for England

Time to head south to England for a week (or so) before heading home to Sweden.

2007-06-10: Me: Back in Fife (again)

Back for a quick visit to Fife before heading to England and the ferry back to Denmark on 21/6.

2007-05-30: Me: Headed north again

Left Fife for a tour of Northeast Scotland