All news (so far)

2007-04-15: Me: Arrived in Båstad

Staying for about 2 days before heading for Ale stenar (Stones of Ale) and then Denmark.

2007-04-14: Me: Arrived in Jönköping

Finances in order and time to move south... and over to Scotland (hopefully on the 19th, otherwise on the 26th). First stop is Jönköping (which is halfway to Skåne).

2007-03-09: Me: Spring is here - snow melting...

... and still not much to report. As the snow is melting I will be able to leave Eskilstuna to head south and, hopefully, go back to Scotland in April/May.

2007-02-04: Site: Updated my study site [se]

Removed unnecessary folders/files, my e-mail address (as old), and minor changes.

2007-01-01: Me: A new year (and not a lot of news)

Just ranting to have some news on my start page. :-)

2006-11-23: Me: Happy Birthday, Albin!