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2007-05-26: Site: Added new travel: Scotland 2007

Finally I've got around to uploading my travel description for Scotland 2007. :-)

2007-05-17: Me: Arrived in Fife

I'm back at the camp site at Lower Largo (where the owners remembered me :-). (Will make a better effort to add travel description. :-)

2007-04-25: Me: Arrived in Scotland! :-)

Finally... I'm back in Scotland. :-) (Will add travel description, Scotland 2007, as soon as I get access to Internet.)

2007-04-20: Me: Arrived in Harwich, UK

The ferry arrived in Harwich, UK, (England) after a rough crossing of the North Sea. :-( But the good weather and arrival in UK made up for that. :-)

2007-04-18: Me: Arrived in Esbjerg, Denmark

Staying the night before catching the ferry to Harwich, UK

2007-04-17: Me: Arrived in Ystad (Bingsmarken)

Arrived on the south coast of Skåne (Sweden) and toured Ystad. Of to Denmark tomorrow crossing the bridge. Missed Ale stenar as they are on the other side of Ystad from camp site. A reason to come back...:-)